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Our airfreight experts are organizing international airfreight services at reasonably prices.



We work with First Class shipping companies, which we have selected with the highest priority.


We exceed your expectations!

Do you want a tailor-made and cost-optimized solution for the transport of your goods? We are happy to help!

Vision Logistics GmbH is your expert for logistics services

With multiple locations in Europe and Asia, just as a network with more than 1800 agents, we connect all global marts by Air- and surface freight.

Do you wish a cost-optimized and customized solution for the transport of your goods?
We would be happy to advise you!

Our employees are well trained specialists in air- and surface freight who fulfil particular wishes of customers from different industries daily.

Our service is globally available. For our customers, we are organizing all of the transport procedure, from the collection to the clearance and delivery.

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